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Linda is qualified in a variety of modalities, has worked internationally and her clientele include a number of organisations and individuals. Her training methods and her track record of delivering performance enhancement and personal development programmes make her highly effective.

As a widely qualified practitioner, Linda delivers bespoke programmes that reshape her clients’ thinking, freeing them from issues that are holding them back, releasing them from limitations and driving them to higher levels of success. Understanding her clients’ needs by using her experience and her qualifications, which include certified cum laude coach, certified mindfulness practitioner, NLP practitioner as well as an experiential trainer and grief and loss practitioner, her knowledge and expertise achieve required objectives and outcomes.

Linda conducts effective and results focused events and workshops, is a motivational speaker and also conducts one to one sessions. She draws from a variety of methodologies that ensure maximum impact on the performance of the individuals, teams and organisations she works with. Linda’s expertise has led her to work in a variety of countries. She has experience working with organisations of all sizes as well as with individuals from many walks of life, enabling organisations and individuals to deal with challenges, facilitate attitudinal and behavioural change and ultimately realise true capabilities, values and beliefs, leading to ultimate success.

Linda Gillan, Founder


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Dealing with grief, bereavement & loss

The Grief Recovery process assists participants to ‘move on’ beyond the pain, isolation, and loneliness and dysfunctional behaviours caused by significant emotional loss. While death may be the most obvious loss, this process is not limited to those losses.

There are many life events that can produce feeling of grief. The process provides tools to deal with loss and is sequential. Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss whether that loss has been brought about by a death of someone important, the end of a relationship, or one of the other life events that invoke grief.

Throughout the process information and guidance is given as to various methods which enable the grief and possible dysfunctional behaviours to reach completion, assisting the participant to move forward with their lives.

The process is recognised by professional bodies internationally. In the UK it is endorsed by the BACP for 30 hours CPD, Quality Checked® by the National Counselling Society and by the Training Development Agency for schools (TDA)


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